Established in 1997, Taiwan Lourdes Association has now served people living with HIV/AIDS (hereinafter “PLWHA”) for nearly 21 years. According to statistics from the Taiwan Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 35,935 people were living with HIV in Taiwan in 2017 of which approximately 2,519 people became newly infected with HIV in 2017. Men accounted for 92% of all new diagnoses and 70% between 25~49, 80% of new infections were attributed to risky sexual practices. To sum up the service performance, there are 4 areas on which we focus:



For clients with multiple needs, the number of new cases increased continuously. In response to the increasing number of cases with infection attributed to injection drug use, we constantly strive to improve and adapt our service to meet the client’s needs and the changing drug culture. We have also observed that the increase in renewal cases, suggesting that clients need long-term support and ongoing discussion with a social worker in overcoming the difficulties that they faced and reintegrating to society successfully.



In 2017, we cooperated with 518 Human Bank to conduct an opinion survey. The results of the survey showed that more than half of small and mid-size enterprise employers surveyed have a stigma toward PLWHA. In light of the above finding, we went to campuses, enterprises, prisons and social welfare institutions to introduce the basic concepts of AIDS and drug addiction prevention. Owing to the positive feedback we enjoyed, we later received an invitation from many other organizations to talk about AIDS-related topics. This is a fundamentally important initiative for creating a friendly social, service connection and resource development.

In response to recreational drug issues, we have been running harm reduction groups since 2015. The ongoing operation and maintenance activities of the support groups have effectively promoted mutual understanding and mutual support between members. We also undertook Class 3 & 4 youth drug program and TAAF aiming at providing a wide range of specialist and generic services to meet clients’ needs.


3、 Exploration

In World AIDS Day 2017, we held the AIDS Anti-Discrimination Forum, the largest AIDS anti-discrimination conference in recent years that attracted practical work experts and scholars working in the field of AIDS for a long time and coming from across the Taiwan Straits and Asian countries. To explore the phenomenon of HIV-related stigma and discrimination, it not only paved a way for a deeper discussion from various perspectives, but also has a very profound bearing on tackling stigma and discrimination.



Due to a lack of adequate resources in the rural townships, we established the Support Group in Hualien and Taitung in 2016 and 2017, respectively, and we launched VIVA GO BUS campaign to understand the needs of rurual township coporating with pharmaceuticals, local public health centers, and case managers. We plan to establish a service center in Taitung and provide a broad range of services in 2018.


2017 Statistical summary of services





直接服務Direct service

Community care

Case management & Social work intervention, resources linking, advocacy

Cases with multiple needs opened: 353; M/F ratio: 12/1

Cases with simple needs opened: 2,487

Advocacy: 7 cases


Total PLWHA reached: more than 30,000

Financial Aid

Life, medical, housing (including referring to other organizations)

1,138 times;

Total aid amount= NT3,240,674

The amount transferred directly to client accounts directly from the referral agency: NTD 875,576

Counseling Services

Support through telephone/Internet and formal counseling

8,076 times


Employment consulting


Consulting, matching, “second-hand” social skill training

361 times


Referrals Services

Housing, financial, employment and other

217 times (mainly refers to financial referral, 150 times)


Halfway Shelter Home

Housing, nutrition supplies, emotional support, health management, employment consulting, life skill training, leisure activities

Total of 26 residents, 87 services, average stay: 71 days.

Meals delivery: 3,037 persons;

Psychological support: 598 persons;

Health management: 818 persons;

Employment consulting: 198 persons;

Life skill training: 1.062 persons;

Leisure activities: 27 times


Chao-lu Rehabilitation Farm

Farming, reading group, spiritual courses, leisure activities

Total of 17 residents; 205 individuals attended;

Courses: 463 persons;

Leisure activities: 127 events

Payrolls NTD 960,260, Re-employment rate: 39%


Outrearch Services


Hospitals, client’s home or other places

Total: 247 persons


Phone Call and Internet Information Services 

Providing information by telephone, LINE App, emails, and internet forum system.

Telephone service: 850 times;

Internet service: 898 times


HIV Test Service

Providing anonymous HIV test

Total: 144 times


Drop-in Friendship Centers

Support, leisure, meeting, conferences

Total: 966 times



Topics on treatment, adaptation, magnetic couples, intimacy, HIV+ coming-out

11 VIVA GO BUS talks, 279 persons;

12 growth workshops, 145 persons;

5 workshops, 97 persons  

Included VIVA GO BUS Health Education, Growth Workshops taking place across Taiwan.

Support Groups

Newly diagnosed support group, Drug anonymous harm reduction group (DAHR/DA/D-talk) for opioid & non-opioid DUs; Support group in Taoyuan, Middle Age Support Group, Family of positives support group, Positives support group in Taichung


Newly diagnosed support group: 29 sessions, 187 persons;

Family support group: 3 sessions, 26 persons;

Harm reduction groups: 33 sessions, 287 persons;

Taoyuan support group: 8 sessions, 102 persons;

Middle-aged groups: 12 sessions, 114 persons;

Downshifting support groups: 12 seesions, 101 persons

Taichung patient groups: 4 sessions, 95persons


Leisure Friendship Activities

Festival feasts, Yoga, one-day tours, commemoration, Sister Lin story-telling 

Total 96 sessions, 1,221 persons


Online Services


Facebook, Line App, website, Plus Radio

Plus Radio: 52 episodes, 9,008 listeners;

Line groups: 2,117 persons;

Facebook & website: 171,896 reaches


Prison Visits and Counseling

Individual/group/correspondence counseling and visits

Individual counseling: 84 persons;

Group counseling: 109 sessions, 1,825 persons;

Correspondence support: 355 times.


Positive Alliance


Stimulating rights, empowerment and advocacy awareness, self-help and mutual assistance

Gathering & activities: 8 sessions, 188 persons.


Drug users’ family support plan

To reduce the harm of drugs on body-mind-spiritual level, and help drug users return to their families and to the society.

Total 82 clients served;

204 visits; 762 phone follow-ups;

342 referrals (outbound);

46 financial aid cases (NT143,752);

45 group counseling services (970 participants);

1 workshop (66 participants);

19 educational talks (48,008 participants);

consulting services (110 persons)


Level 3 & 4 youth drug program

Serving teenager clients below 18 years old, providing family intervention, referrals, welfare connection.

Total 40 clients,

177 times service was provided, 350 phone follow-ups, 52 referrals



TLA Staff Members Training and Supervision

On Job Training

Participate Workshops and training courses

Total training times: 1,655 hours; 67 hours/person



Individual and group supervision

Individual/group supervision: 133 sessions

Case study: 79 sessions


Volunteers Recruitment and Training

 Recruiting, training, and supervising

4 recruiting sessions; 108 participants;

3 training and supervising sessions, 23 participants;


Workshops for service providers


On-demand training courses and workshops

65 on-demand training courses, 2,683 participants;

6 workshops (professional), 257 participants




General public & service providers

278 sessions, 26,336 participants.



Brochures and e-books

Total circulations: 40,000 copies; 58 e-books; 27,215 views.


PR Commnunication

Media communication

General Public

2 Press conferences:

Apr. 24th 「Taiwan SME Workplace Friendly for PLWHA Survey Press Conference」: Total 273 reports (3 TVs/ 4 prints/ 265 online/1 radio)


Dec. 29th 「Co-creating Social Support for PLWHA Press Conference」: Total 148 reports (6 prints/ 142 online/1 radio)

Other: 40 reports.