Established in 1997, Taiwan Lourdes Association is a nonprofit organization, which until this day continues to advocate for the dignity and value of people living with HIV/AIDS (hereinafter “PLWHA”) and offers unconditional love and acceptance according to the principle of justice and charity. We have now served the community for nearly 20 years. To sum up the service performance, there are 4 sections that we aim to follow:


1. Steady

For clients with multiple needs, the number of new cases remained steady at 25% of all cases, while the remaining 75% cases involve continuously served clients. The above proportion demonstrates the importance and necessity of continuous and stable service. Compared to Taiwan Center for Disease Control's (CDC’s) database, our clients tend to be older. It is thus necessary to work out a more efficient service model to link diverse resources in response to the aging issue.


2. Development

In response to recreational drug issues, we have been running harm reduction groups since 2015. In the middle of 2016, we launched D-TALK service (encompassing educational talks and harm reduction groups dealing with recreational drugs issues) and a youth program. The development of a management system has been started with a view to ameliorate our service efficiency.


3. Growth

The Morning Dew Transition Farm program, HIV testing and online consultation service has been developing continuously. The Morning Dew Farm has hosted a stable number of residents. Several residents were employed under a governmental multiple employment program. We have seen an increase of productivity and developed new products, which have also obtained food safety certification.

The amount of HIV testing has increased. We have also seen more female and heterosexual members of the population spontaneously coming for testing.

A Hualian-Taitung online group has been added to our online service. The number of consultation through the internet and social media has also increased.


4. Deepening the issues

As the aging issues of PLWHA are becoming an emerging concern, we have organized symposiums and focus groups for three consecutive years. We launched a shared-life initiative this year to establish a network of mutual aid for middle-aged PLWHA. We also pursued dialogue with long-term care and resident care attendant systems in order to include more friendly resources.






Direct service

Halfway Shelter Home

Housing, nutrition supplies, psychological support, health management, employment consulting, life skill training, leisure activities


Total of 28 residents, 77 service, average stay: 59 days.

Meals delivery: 2,966 persons;

Psychological support: 460 persons;

Health management: 620 persons;

Employment consulting: 202 persons;

Life skill training: 677 persons;

Leisure activities: 16 times


Morning Dew Farm

Farming, reading group, spiritual courses, leisure activities


Total of 17 residents; 275 individuals attended;

Courses: 817 persons;

Leisure activities: 62 persons


Outreach Service

Hospitals, client’s home or other places

Total: 247 persons


Phone Call and Internet Information Services 

Providing information by telephone, LINE App, emails, and internet forum system.

Telephone service: 1,141 times;

Internet service: 1,129 times


HIV Test Service

Providing anonymous HIV test

Total: 166 times


Drop-in Friendship Centers

Support, leisure, meeting, conferences

Total: 932 times

Taipei, Taichung & Taoyuan


Topics on treatment, adaptation, magnetic couples, intimacy, HIV+ coming-out


11 VIVA GO BUS talks, 281 persons;

3 growth workshops, 145 persons;

6 workshops, 156 persons  


Support Groups


Newly diagnosed support group, Drug anonymous harm reduction group (DAHR/DA/D-talk) for opioid & non-opioid DUs; Support group in Taoyuan, Middle Age Support Group, Family of positives support group, Positives support group in Taichung


Newly diagnosed support group: 24 sessions, 136 persons;

Family support group: 19 sessions, 136 persons;

Harm reduction groups: 47 sessions, 334 persons;

Taoyuan support group: 16 sessions, 336 persons;

Middle-aged groups: 12 sessions, 114 persons;

Taichung patient groups: 5 sessions, 103 persons


Leisure Friendship Activities

Festival feasts, one-day tours, self-growth courses, commemoration, Sister Lin story-telling 

89 sessions, 1,172 persons


Online Services

Facebook, Line App, website, Plus Radio

Plus Radio: 20,801 listeners;

Line groups: 1,103 persons;

Facebook & website: 132,651 reaches


Prison Visits and Counseling

Individual/group/correspondence counseling and visits

Individual counseling: 76 persons;

Group counseling: 99 sessions, 2,169 persons;

Correspondence support: 519 times.


Positive Alliance

Stimulating rights and advocacy awareness, self-help and mutual assistance

10 sessions, 121 persons.


Drug users’ family support plan

To reduce the harm of drugs on body-mind-spiritual level, and help drug users return to their families and to the society.

63 clients served; 229 visits; 1,100 phone follow-ups;

558 referrals (outbound);

104 financial aid cases (NT273,091-);

36 group counseling services (209 participants);

1 workshop;

20 educational talks (83 participants);

139 consulting services, 17,081 persons


Class 3 & 4 youth drug program

Serving teenager clients below 18 years old, providing family intervention, referrals, welfare connection .

26 clients, 73 times service was provided, 148 phone follow-ups, 40 referrals


Staff Members Training and Supervision

Continuous Training

Workshops and training courses

Total training times: 1,986 hours; 86 hours/person



Individual and group supervision

Individual/group supervision: 85 sessions

Case study: 92 sessions


Volunteers Recruitment and Training

 Recruiting, training, and supervising

2 recruiting sessions; 57 participants;

3 training and supervising sessions, 29 participants;

Service-learning: 5 students, 60 hours


Workshops for service providers


On-demand training courses and workshops

13 on-demand training courses, 295 participants;

4 workshops (professional), 223 participants




General public & service providers

412 sessions, 57,752 participants.



Brochures and e-books

Total circulations: 28,000 copies; 43 e-books.


Research, Development, and Exchange

Deepening issues

Advocacy for HIV-related laws amendment, aging issues, innovative harm reduction service for drug users 

Conducting surveys on PLWHA’s right to insurance, right to military service, and issues relating to medication, working field stigma.


International exchange

Exchange & establishing collaboration platform. 

Co-organizing cross-strait HIV forum (in Macao);

Active member of Developed Asia Network on Sexual Diversity (DAN);

Participated in GSK patient summit.



2016 Events



Second year of VIVA GO BUS program, with a particular focus on economically disadvantaged and remote areas in Taiwan.


In partnership with the "Letting Love Fly with Me" campaign at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (Taipei). Henry, an openly living with HIV staff of TLA, gave a free hug to Hong Kong celebrity Sandy Lam, and advocated together for HIV prevention.


Founding member of Taiwan Alliance of Patients' Organizations (TAPO). Advocating for patients' rights with other patient groups.


Conference press for Survey on PLWHA treatment and impact in the workplace, demonstrating the stigma that PLWHA encounter in their workplace. We called for a friendly workplace for PLWHA in order to maintain a stable life


Co-organized international Photovoice exhibition. Demonstrating the diversity of PLWHA's life through music performance, films, thematic talks, and interaction with general public to destigmatize PLWHA.


Third year of workshop on HIV and aging with a particular focus on stigma. Exploring available long-term care resources and developing a service map.


Organizing Healthy Life Conference for drug users and their family. Empowering the clients and their family members through talks by doctors, organization visits, and friendship activities to empower clients.


In response to the community’s need, a whole new service D-Talk was launched. These thematic talks were open both to drug users and to PLWHA who are affected by the issues. (DUs’ partner or family members.)


Organizing a two-day workshop on drug harm reduction in Taichung. Professional service providers were invited to share their experience and explore theories and pluralistic intervention strategies based on the current drug abuse situation in Taiwan.


In collaboration with the volunteer activities of other enterprises, we launched a Give me five campaign to demonstrate that HIV is not transmittable via simple body contact. The campaign was welcomed by the public.


Launching a HIV-testing campaign with Taiwanese celebrity Bryant Chang with posters in LGBT friendly pubs and stores and on-the-street activities during Taipei Gay Pride.


Putting online a short film and on-the-street survey on HIV basic knowledge. The film showed that the general public still had some myths and irrational fear toward HIV/AIDS. The survey demonstrated that PLWHA were still affected by stigma and more advocacies needed to be done.


The board of managers met together to launch a campaign for TLA's 20th anniversary. The board meeting also reiterated the roadmap and strategy of the association.


2016 Awards 



Ministry of Health and Welfare

Taichung City Government

Taipei City Government

Chiamin LEE, licensed social worker, of Taichung office was awarded Service Merit Trophy;

Ya-Ling CHANG, licensed social worker, of Taichung office was awarded Rising Star Social Worker Trophy;

Zheng-Rui CHANG, supervisor of Taipei office was awarded Brave Worker Trophy


Executive Yuan

Merit for drugs abuse prevention and service


R.O.C. Probation Association

Sister Loewe Marianeldis, supervising board member, was awarded the 15th Gold Rudder Special Merit.


Taiwan After Care Association

TLA received a merit award for helping after care service