PEP process for foreigners 外國人申請PEP


Foreigners (include PRC) come to Taiwan to travel or work. If they have high-risk sexual behaviors and are infected with HIV, they can take the initiative to seek hospitals for PEP. (Not all of HIV-designated hospitals provide PEP, please refer to the list of hospitals of the CDC, link at the end of this article)

PEP process after exposure to foreigners

1. Within 72 hours after the occurrence of the risk behavior, go to the nearest designated hospital for medical treatment.( some hospital emergency departments can prescribe PEP)

2. Indicate your foreign identity, and remember to bring your passport. (PRC citizens can use Taiwan pass)

3. Visit the clinic according to the appointment time and location.

4. The doctor assesses risk situation. If you have high-risk sexual behaviors, the doctor will prescribe 28 days’ medicine for you.

5. Foreigners who visit the hospital for the first time, need to fill out the basic information form. The form may take you ten minutes. After the doctor check the information, the doctor will give you the prescription and the bill.

6. Pay the bill at the cashier (foreigners don’t have health insurance, so you should pay all medical payments), most designated hospitals can pay the bill by credit card.

7.After you pay the bill, you can receive your prescription at the dispensary.


►PEP-designated hospital list and outpatient clinic schedule(from CDC)


Information from the social worker of Wuchang Pinoeer Social Work Service Center of PRC.

Reporting by Taiwan Lourdes Association.