2019 Taiwan Lourdes Association Annual Report

  Since 1997, Taiwan Lourdes Association(hereinafter be cited as“TLA”) has been dedicated to serving people living with HIV/AIDS (hereinafter be cited as“PLWHA”) with a commitment to justice and compassion. Over the past 23 years, we have endeavored to enhance their quality of life, uphold fundamental dignity, and foster comprehensive personal development. In 2019, our efforts continued to evolve within the framework of stability, growth, deepening, and advancing the positive impact of PLWHA.


Responding to the changing cultural landscape of PLWHA and those impacted by substance addiction, we consistently expanded our efforts in developing services related to addiction. This includes addressing the increasing needs of individuals struggling with addiction and their families while further enriching and broadening the scope of our services. In 2019, we further diversified the Choulu Therapeutic Community, propelling its multifaceted development.


To refine our services, we actively organized international visits, providing our staff with a broader perspective to better understand the needs and services we provide. Presented below are key accomplishments in our services from the year 2019:






Direct Service

Community care

  • Case management
  • resources linking
  • advocacy
  • 297 Cases with multiple needs(gender ratio is 8:1)
  • 1081 cases with simple need
  • 10 advocacy

Over 28000 times in total

Financial Aid

Life, medical, housing, others (including referring to other organizations)

1,562 times;80% of demands have been alleviated.

Total amount: NTD 2,610,465



telephone consultation, Counseling Sessions, Consultation, Advisory Services ,Greeting and Care

8644 times


Occupational guidance

Employment Advisory, job matching, work-for-relief programs, Choulu Farm, and referrals.

429 times. Nearly half have steady employment.



Housing, financial, employment and other

142 times (mainly refers to financial referral, 115 times)


Halfway House

  • Housing
  • nutrition supplies
  • emotional support
  • health management
  • employment consulting
  • life skill training
  • leisure activities
  • Total of 17 residents, 69 services, average stay for 105 days.
  • Meals delivery: 2821 times
  • Greeting and Care: 483 times;
  • Family meetings: 40 times
  • Health management: 698 times;
  • Employment consulting: 195 times;
  • Life skill training: 1,034 times;
  • Leisure activities: 31 times


Choulu Farm

  • Curriculum Activities
  • leisure activities
  • Service Activities
  • Total of 13 residents; 163 times of services in total.
  • Curriculum: 702 persons
  • Leisure activities: 187 persons
  • Payrolls NTD 1,078,580; Recovery rate: 62%


Choulu  Therapeutic Community

  • Group session(Harm reduction, Spiritual etc.)
  • vocational rehabilitation
  • 5 times Prison Advocacy Services;66 participants.
  • Consulting: 20 times.
  • Take in 4 people
  • 10 Group sessions, 40 participants.



Services in hospitals, houses of clients or other places

340 times. Less hospital visits but more house visits.


Telephone and Internet consultation

Providing information through telephone, LINE App and Email

  • Phone services: 761 times.
  • Internet services:760 times.


HIV Test Service

Providing anonymous HIV test

Out of 52 individuals in total, 60% are heterosexual.


Community Center

Support, leisure, socializing event

3,235 participants



Topics includes: Medical, Adaptation, Serodiscordant couples, Intimacy and coming out

  • 20 events.
  • 361 participants.


Support Groups

  • Newly diagnosed support group
  • Drug anonymous harm reduction group (DAHR/DA/D-talk) for opioid & non-opioid DUs
  • Support group in Taoyuan
  • Middle Age Support Group
  • Family support group
  • etc.
  • 21 sessions of Newly diagnosed support group; 129 participants.
  • 83 sessions of DAs; 504 participants.
  • 12 sessions of Middle Age Support Groups; 97 participants.
  • Online Family support group: 12 atendents.



Growth Activities

  • Festival feasts
  • Tours
  • Personal growth courses
  • Sister Lin story-telling
  • Etc.
  • 189 Leisure Activities ; 1,565 participants.
  • 9 growth activities/workshop; 106 participants




LINE app Group

All the groups combined, there are 900 people in total


Prison Visits and


Individual/group/correspondence counseling and visits

Individual counseling: 198 people;

Group counseling: 140 sessions, 1,791 participants;

Correspondence support: 271 times.


PLWHA Alliance

  • Positive Alliance
  • PLWHA YES+ Empowerment Camp
  • PLWHA health group
  • Poz-Action Conference
  • Positive Alliance organized 11 gatherings/events, with a total of 132 participants
  • 9 PLWHA YES+ Empowerment Camps with 90 participants
  • 30 PLWHA health groups with 195 participants



users’ family support plan

Beginning with mitigating the harm caused by substance use on the body, mind, and spirit, we offer services to help individuals and families reconnect with society and regain stability.

  • Total 66 clients served;
  • 318 visits
  • 914 phone follow-ups
  • 338 referrals/contact/connect to related resources;
  • 120 financial aid cases (NTD 193,885 in total);
  • 87 group counseling services (910 participants)
  • 185 times consulting services
  • 27 educational advocacy(19,612 participants);
  • 1 workshop (80 participants);


Level 3 & 4 youth drug program

To serve teenage clients below 18 years old, providing family intervention, referrals, welfare connection and family consultation etc.

  • 39 clients in total
  • 271 visits 
  • 386 phone follow-ups
  • 47 referrals
  • 232 other services.



Researched-Based Interventions for Drug Addiction Inmates Project

Serving HIV-negative inmates in Hualien prison, Taichung prison and Taichung Women's Prison



Taichung Scientific Researched-based Group:  64 sessions, 978 participants.



Staff Members Training and Supervision

On Job Training

Helper Workshops and training courses

124 events;512 hours.



Individual and group supervision

  • Individual/Group Supervision: 94 sessions
  • Case discussion/Study: 80 sessions


Intern Guiding and training

Enhancing professional skills and enriching knowledge and techniques in issues related to HIV/AIDS and drug abuse

  • 11 College students and 2 graduate student are on internship
  • One of the undergraduate is an international student from Tulane University Department of Public Health in the United States.


Volunteers Recruitment and Training

Volunteers Recruiting, training, supervising, service-learning

  • 2 Recruits with 32 participants
  • 4 sessions of training and supervision with 26 participants
  • 14 members on service-learning; 168 hours in total.


Service Providers for PLWHA workshop

Service Providers workshops and seminars

  • 5 sessions
  • 287 participants


Publication of promotional materials


General public & service providers

  • General public: 162 sessions, 28,429 participants;
  • Service providers: 230 sessions, 5,674 participants.



Publishing brochures, e-books & articles

  • 1 International Seminar Journal Article
  • Over 28,700 copies of promotional materials;
  • 66 e-books with the total view of  58,122


Public Relations and Concept Promotion

Social Media Promotion


Media report

Reporting about TLA, and engaging in social conversation and cooperation.

TLA reports has been released on Give Circle, Taiwan NPO Information Platform ,Peope Citizen Jounalism ,charity.yahoo.com and 14 local media.



Promoting a friendly society with a focus on HIV infection control, patient rights protection, and empowerment, while considering the rights of female individuals living with HIV/AIDS and long-term care needs, and excluding legal constraints such as the HIV Infection Control and Patient Rights Protection Act. 

In 2019, we initiated the 'Building Nests for Love' movement.


We called for the abolition of Article 21 in the HIV Infection Control and Patient Rights Protection Act. ,aiming to eliminate institutional oppression against PLWHA.


We organized the first PLWHA Empowerment Camp for women.


Approximately half of our clients showed interest in elderly issues, with most expressing concerns about future care during their senior years. In response, we revised and published the 'Aging with Love – PLWHA Handbook for the Golden Years.


We also invited PLWHA to participate in three empowerment training sessions.


A Survey on the Current Living Conditions of PLWHA

The Current Status of Treatment for PLWHA, Support Systems, Experience of Discrimination, Psychological Well-being, Recreational Drug Use, Sexual Life, and Current Concerns

95.3% of PLWHA are currently undergoing treatment, with 91% having undetectable viral loads. However, 17.4% of PLWHA experience medication side effects.


Forty percent of PLWHA have disclosed their HIV/AIDS status to family members, including parents and siblings. About 57.2% inform friends who are also PLWHA.


Over 50% of heterosexual PLWHA seek help from family members or siblings, while 35.9% of non-heterosexual individuals seek assistance from parents.


3.8% of PLWHA have experienced rejection from caregiving institutions.


Additionally, 2.6% of PLWHA have faced employment discrimination after voluntarily disclosing their infection status. 11.3% of PLWHA has lost their jobs or experienced workplace exclusion due to identity exposure.


Among those using recreational drugs, 45% use methamphetamines, with 71.1% using them to enhance sexual experiences.




  • The 5th AIDS Forum of Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan
  • Asia Women's HIV Advocacy Training Workshop
  • San Francisco 'Getting to Zero' HIV Campaign Asian Visit
  • the Harm Reduction Conference in the Netherlands

We collaborated with the The Beijing Home of Red Ribbon, the Hong Kong AIDS Foundation, and the Macao AIDS Care Association (MAC) to organize a forum under the theme 'Diverse Prevention, Collaborative Empowerment,' aiming to achieve the goals of the fourth 90%.


As part of the 'Getting to Zero' HIV campaign, we visited San Francisco, engaging with nine different organizations.

Our Secretary General and Mrs. Man-Zu from our services were invited to share their experiences and the life journey of PLWHA at the Asia Women's HIV Advocacy Training Workshop.


We also participated in the 26th International Harm Reduction Conference in Porto, Portugal, sharing our experience in constructing a community care model based on the harm reduction concept. We contributed to international exchange by submitting a poster paper for the conference.


Collaborative Research Project Beyond the Association

  • Disease Innocence: Social Intervention Actions against HIV Stigma and its Transformation
  • Global Pharmaceutical Company Reputation Survey
  • Current Status of Medication Usage Discussion with Physicians

Exploring strategies for local community education and intervention to combat HIV stigma.


The global pharmaceutical company reputation survey (Patient View) prompted a reconsideration of how to authentically address the needs of patients.


Fifteen percent of PLWHA have never discussed their medication situation with a physician or case manager, and seventy percent of them have comorbidities.


Information System Development

Establishing Case Management and Internal Administration Systems

The progress in establishing the new case management system has reached 85%.

Currently, we are tailoring and designing the database based on the service requirements, optimizing report presentation



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