Taiwan Lourdes Association(TLA), a registered non-profit organization, traces its roots back to the Lourdes Home, affiliated with the Catholic Religious Congregation of the Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul. Initially established to provide care for orphans and less fortunate children, the Lourdes Home underwent a significant transformation in response to the profound impact of HIV/AIDS on individuals, their families, and friends as well as the challenges faced by caregivers in terms of physical, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion. Under the support of Archbishop Di Gang in Taipei, Lourdes Home concluded its 37-year history of childcare services in 1997 and embarked on a mission to take care of individuals affected by AIDS.

By the end of 2003, In the wake of the rising number of HIV infections due to substance abuse within correctional facilities, we responded by bringing the issue to the attention of the then Bureau of Disease Control (now the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control(the CDC)). In 2004, the CDC identified a severe HIV pandemic among individuals with substance addiction and invited us to a response meeting. This marked the beginning of the association's involvement in addressing substance abuse-related challenges, providing assistance to people living with HIV/AIDS(PLWHA) and supporting their journey toward rebuilding their lives. In recognition of its expanding role, the organization officially transitioned to a registered non-profit entity in 2006, adopting the name "Taiwan Lourdes Association."

Our Mission and Objectives

We are a non-profit social welfare organization established in accordance with the law. Guided by the principles of justice and compassion, our mission is to assist individuals affected by HIV/AIDS and substance abuse, enhance their quality of life, preserve their basic dignity, and support them in achieving holistic development.

Objectives (Our Tasks):

1.    Provide care for individuals affected by HIV/AIDS and substance abuse, enhancing their quality of life and adaptation.
2.    Promote HIV/AIDS and harm reduction education and advocacy to ensure correct public understanding of disease prevention.
3.    Safeguard the rights of individuals affected by HIV/AIDS and substance abuse.
4.    Develop HIV/AIDS-related services using professional social work approaches.
5.    Conduct group counseling and individual counseling services.
6.    Promote diversified employment and self-sufficiency programs.
7.    Develop peer support services.
8.    Connect with domestic and international social resources, providing referrals, consultations, and collaboration.
9.    Organize workshops and research related to HIV/AIDS and harm reduction.
10.    Publish publications related to our mission and activities.
11.    Address other matters related to our mission.