Missions & Objectives

Taiwan Lourdes Association long term goal is to improve the quality of life of PLWHA through our various care and support services and programs. Our missions and objectives are listed as below:



  1. Preserve the dignity, health and the quality of life of PLWHA as well as to reduce the transmission of HIV. 
  2. Provide a broad array of services for the PLWHA community and families with a spirit of social justice and charity.
  3. Empowering PLWHA to develop into well human beings.


  1. Provide community-based services which improve the quality of life of those infected with and affected by HIV and AIDS.
  2. Campaign for the human rights of those infected with HIV and AIDS.
  3. Educate greater public understanding of the personal impact of HIV and AIDS, in order to break off the prejudice, stigma and discrimination against them.