Want to be part of a healthy and caring community? It's your choice.


For over 15 years, Taiwan Lourdes Association has been building the health and wellbeing of the people affected by HIV/AIDS and the LGBT communities.

You can choose how to help us help others by deciding how a financial contribution from you will help make a difference in our community.


Make a difference


With a donation from any amount, you can help us care for our community. You can choose to give more or less, depending on your circumstances.

Any support you can provide will be gratefully accepted, and all donations are tax deductible in Taiwan.

Caring for our community was the best choice we ever made. Now the choice is yours.



If you'd like your donation to support any specific part of Taiwan Lourdes Association's work, please let us know. If you would like to donate using credit card please find our details below.

For foreign currency wire transactions, please use the information below:

Name of local bank: Bank SinoPac
Address of local bank: International Department, 4F, No. 17, Po Ai Rd., Taipei, Taiwan

Bank account name: Taiwan Lourdes Association
Bank Account number: 001-008-0003197-6

Swift Code: SINOTWTP