HIV Epidemic Development in Taiwan


By December 31, 2014, the total number of HIV cases was 29,665; 93.66% are male and 6.34% are female. The new cases in 2014 were 2,236, which accounted for the third highest record. One of the major risk factors for transmission in 2014 was MSM (man who have sex with man), 1,637 within were new cases, slightly reduced compared to last year. The government provides Methadone treatment and free syringe as harm reduction strategies, and was successfully lowered the new IDU (Intravenous Drug Users) cases to 52 in 2014. Compared to 2013, other than the IDU cases, all the statistics above decreased, and the new cases hit the 4th record high in the Taiwan epidemic history.


94.68% of the HIV/AIDS population is between 15-49 years of age. The people infected with HIV/AIDS are getting younger and the main risk factor is through unsafe sex. It is important that the HIV/AIDS prevention educations should start early in school. The Ministry of Education must include AIDS education in students' textbook.



1. Origin and Mission

Taiwan Lourdes Association is established by the Daughters of Charity in 1960s,first known as "Lourdes Home", and is dedicated in caring for the orphans and disadvantaged children. In 1997, we saw a massive influence of HIV/AIDS toward infected people and their families. "Lourdes Home" decided to switch its focus on the HIV/AIDS agenda, and officially registered as a NGO in 2006.


1.1. Mission

Taiwan Lourdes Association is a non-profit organization. Due to the call of the gospel and based on the principles of justice and love, we provide diverse and broad services for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in order to improve their quality of life.


1.2. Objectives

Provide Community-Based Services to Improve the Quality of Life of PLWHA.

Campaign for the Human Rights of PLWHA.

Educate the General Public to Understand the Impact of HIV and AIDS on Individuals and Break off the Prejudice, Stigma and Discrimination.



2. Highlights of Activities

Since its establishment in 1997, we celebrate the 18th year of Taiwan Lourdes Association this year. The activities of this year can be divided into four directions:


2.1. Stability

We have a stable number of newly opened multiple-need cases. Although the number of cases of Taichung office slightly decreased, continuous service remained stable. According to the outcome from last three years, multi-year and extended services due to multiple needs continue to increase. A more efficient approach to combines resources of all sectors should work out in the future. The general human resources also remained stable. Only a few of living care peers were transferred between Taichung and Taipei offices, and there wasn't any impact on relative service.


2.2. Development

As for the Health Management APP, we updated the Android-based version and launched iOS-based version, by including user's experience to meet their needs closely. We worked tightly with other AIDS activist organizations and successfully amended the AIDS regulations in Taiwan. The amendment was implemented in February 2015. Lourdes Fans Radio merged the "Pilipala Boom" radio, operated by Positive League, and became Plus Radio in 2014. Apart pursuing the "The Living Situation of PWLHA in Taiwan" survey, we also launched new surveys on public attitude and on HIV physician / patient relationship in order to draw a more thorough face of HIV/AIDS in Taiwan.


2.3. Growth

Lourdes Transition Farm and virtual e-service continue to develop. After diverse social skill training, our participants now become staffs. The production and sales outcome both increased. To catch up the trend of the society, we launched one-to-one and group chat services using popular LINE app. This service is welcomed by the community and is continuing to evolve and innovate. The HIV test service seeks an increase in topics, clients, as well as in female clients. The Night Counseling service has an increase over entire client counseling service by 10%, consequently, we plan to extend peer service to nighttime in order to meet the demand. 


2.4. Cultivation

Given that the aging topic has gained increasing attention; we organized to focus on groups and symposiums for middle-aged and elder PLWHA. We also published handbooks for this population, by combining researched literatures and practice. We will continue to get deeper insight on these topics in 2015 and start a pilot long-term care service in Taichung office. On recreational drug issues, the Harm Reduction Support Groups continue to run on a weekly basis. We successfully depicted the ecology of the community, collected issues, and provided appropriate assistance. Due to its success, we were invited by National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) and public Drug Abuse Prevention centers to share our experiences either on their workshops or as trainers.


2.5. Table of Highlighted Outcomes







Community Care

Case Management, social resources, advocacy

Cases with multiple needs opened: 326; M/F ratio: 9/1

Case with simple need opened: 2055

Service for PLWHA: more than 24000 times.

Financial Aid

Housing, medical or meals expenses

More than 2145 times; total aid amount=NT1,635,300.


Counseling Services

Support through telephone and formal counseling

8110 times


Employment Services

Information, matching, “second-hand” social skill training

496 times


Referral Service

Financial resources, housing, human rights, medical care, employment

150 times


Halfway Shelter Home

Housing, nutrition supplies, life support, interpersonal communication skill training

New moved-in: 42 people;
Meal service: 4322 times;
visit: 646;
counseling services :1598 times


Lourdes Transition Farm

Farming, book club, assisting the farmer’s irrigation works, spiritual growth courses, leisure activities

Resident: 15 people; 
service: 180 times; 
Courses: 75 times;
Activities: 42.


Outreach Service

Hospitals, client’s home or other places

376 times


Phone Call and Internet Information Services

Providing information by telephone, LINE, emails, and internet forum system.

Telephone service: 1528 times; 
Internet service: 995 times.


Medical Information Services

We invited chief nurses of infectious diseases department and case managers to provide information on HIV medication and side effects.

3 conferences and 49 invitees


HIV Test Service

Providing anonymous HIV test

325 services


Drop-in Friendship Centers

Support, leisure, meeting, conferences

2736 services



Topics on treatment, adaptation, intimacy, drug use, right advocacy

30 workshop; 527 participants


Support Groups

Newly diagnosed gay men support group, Support group in Taoyuan, Love to smile women support group, Middle Age Support Group, Family of positives support group, Harm Reduction Support Groups, Positives support group in Taichung

218 sessions; 1610 participants.

A Harm Reduction Support Groups for non-infected people was created.

Recreational Activities

We organized outings for a day, single mingle or a weekend getaway, meals together, special programs for festivals and Christmas.

91 activities; 1316 participants.


Memorial Services

To show those HIV friends who have passed away were remembered by the workers and other HIV friends.

2 services; 39 participants.


Online Chat-Room

Information providing in chatroom and peer support

50 services; 708 participants.


Online Services

Facebook, Line, Forum

9438 times.


Prison Visits and Counseling

Individual/group/correspondence counseling and visits

240 sessions; 16778 individual counseling services; 195 group counseling services; 3164 participants. 258 correspondence services.


Happy Life Drug & AIDS Conference

Campaign for positive attitude, esteem and confidence.

14 participants.


Positive League

Stimulating rights advocacy, self-help and mutual assistance

9 meetings, 136 participants. Actual members: 35 ppl.


Drug abuse Family Support Group

To reduce the harm of drugs on mind and body, and help the clients return to their families and to society.

121 cases; 1844 phone call follow-ups; 115 financial aid cases (NT237627); 34referrals; 181 group counseling services (573 participants). 1 workshop (72 participants).



Continuous Training

HIV treatment and counseling, social work treatment skills, group work, case management, psycho-social assessment, skills on computer software, public relationships, fundraising..etc.

Total training time:1272.5 hours; average training per member: 61 hours.



Individual and group supervision

Individual/group supervision: 99 sessions

Case study : 129 sessions


Volunteers Recruitment and Training

Recruiting and training new volunteers

4 recruiting sessions; 88 participants;

5 training and supervisingsessions ; 78 participants.


Workshops for Helpers

On-demand training courses and workshops

31 on-demand training courses, 988 participants;
5 workshops, 73 participants.




HIV/AIDS education toward schools teachers or students, and the general public.

156 sessions, 11838 participants. (an increase of 97 sessions, compared to 2013)



Brochures and e-books

Total circulations: 42500 copies; 36 e-books.




2.6. Publications  

We published 17 brochures, guidelines and reports, all of them are updated this year.



3. Internet Outreach : Website and Facebook Outreach


3.1. Analysis for website use

127,213 people visited our website and pages viewer (browsing rate) reached 621,921. New visitors continue to increase. The growing number of visitors from Chungli and Taoyuan shows the efficiency of our service in Taoyuan. With the popularity of smart phones, the development of a mobile version of our website is necessary. The five mostly viewed pages are Homepage, Anonymous test sites list, Forum, Plus radio portal page, About HIV/AIDS.


3.2. Analysis for Facebook use

421,358 people visited our Facebook page and pages viewer (browsing rate) reached 1,187,448. Our Facebook page provides HIV/AIDS information, preventive messages and general life information. We are also entrusted by the Public health department of New Taipei City to maintain the Facebook page of Happy Bus 192-1, a project that will continue in 2015.



4. Research and development


4.1. Lourdes Health Management APP 

We developed the first Android-based Health Management APP in Asia and received an enthusiastic ovation. We counted more than 3000 downloads, due to the success of Android-based version, we launched the first iOS-based version in March 2014 and updated the Android-based version at the same time.



5. International Exchange and Research Activities


5.1. Helpers Training and Empowerment for PLWHA

We set up three models of case management and implemented software system at Caritas Shengjing Social Center of Liaoning in Shenyang. The three-year partner and family therapy workshop in Xian, also came to term and qualified several family workers. Huang Hao-Jie from Wuhan and Lin Xiao from the Home Of Red Ribbon of Beijing came to Taiwan in June, for a two-week courses on HIV/AIDS community care and harm reduction awareness-empowering. We also send a delegation to Hong Kong in August to visit HKCS PS33 drug abuse rehabilitation center. In September, we, together with Taiwan International Media and Education Association (TIMEA) and Positive League, invited the famous American HIV/AIDS-LGBT rights activist Peter Staley to meet up with Taiwanese PLWHA community.


5.2. International Conferences 

In June, Paul Hsu, the executive director, and Howard Chiu, international coordinator, participated in the 14th WorldPride Human Rights Conference in Canada. During this event gathering more than 500 participants from 52 countries all over the world, they presented the experience of our Drop-in Friendship Center in Taichung under the title "LGBT Health Culture Community Center of Central Taiwan Establishment Experience". In November, Paul Hsu and Jiachyi Yang participated in the 3rd Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Summit on HIV/AIDS. During this event, Paul Hsu directed a HIV/AIDS case caring workshop and gave a speech on the anti-discrimination strategy in medical field.



6.Events and Prizes


6.1. Major events 



Taiwan Lourdes Association worked with other activist groups to form an alliance for the amendment of HIV/AIDS regulations and proposed a community version.



We organized a special exposition entitled “The forgotten AIDS years”. We created a dialogue with the public by means of memorial quilt and installation art, in order to sensitize the awareness of the stigma on HIV/AIDS.

Street advocacy activity “Love, no difference” in Taichung.


Launched internet radio “Plus Radio”, a platform for “Lourdes Fans Taipei” (every Tuesday) and “Pilipala Boom” (every Thursday). The latter is operated by Positive League.

In response to a case in Taiwan, we organized a workshop on HIV disclosure to intimate and discussed over the HIV/AIDS decriminalization and how to protect oneself in juridical aspect.  


We published the outcome of “The Living Situation of PWLHA in Taiwan” survey according to which the misunderstanding toward HIV/AIDS is still very prevalent in Taiwan. A campaign “Simple Love” was launched following the survey. Several eminent people jointly appealed to public support toward PWLHA.


Launched “HIV/AIDS ≠ Crime” mass street action in Taipei.



Participated in Mainland, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao Summit on HIV/AIDS.

Workshop on middle-aged PWLHA, appealing to helpers’ awareness on this topic.

Published middle-aged PWLHA guidelines in order to help them to age positively.

Published the outcome of HIV/AIDS physician / patient relationship survey, followed by the “3Q” and “Believe in yourself” campaigns.



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